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AI Chatbot SaaS: Enhance Business Communication

9 Best SaaS Customer Service Chatbot Software Platforms In 2022 Additionally, employees can tap into the insights generated by AI chatbots to understand customer needs better, sharpen their strategies, and make informed decisions. AI chatbots don’t just benefit your business and customers saas chatbot – they also play an influential role in amplifying employee productivity. […]

Complete Guide to Natural Language Processing NLP with Practical Examples

Natural Language Processing NLP Examples Let’s look at some of the most popular techniques used in natural language processing. Note how some of them are closely intertwined and only serve as subtasks for solving larger problems. Generative text summarization methods overcome this shortcoming. Here at Thematic, we use NLP to help customers identify recurring patterns […]

Conversational UI: its not just chat bots and voice assistants a UX case study by AJ Burt UX Collective

Voice User Interfaces VUIs: The Future of Conversational UI by Tarun Anand The future of VUIs holds immense potential, with exciting possibilities for further advancements and groundbreaking applications in various domains. Chatbots powered by artificial intelligence, namely natural language processing and machine learning, can literally read between the lines. They not only understand users’ queries […]