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Double assertion of Dream99 support flag
Dream99 Upward Chess can be considered another version of the Chinese Chess game at dream99, which has always been sought after by children recently. Dream99 upside down chess requires players to apply intelligence, thinking, and high concentration to come up with accurate strategies to easily win against their opponents. Because even if you absentmindedly walk for a minute or walk slowly, it will put you in a bad position and at a disadvantage.

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When experiencing the Up Chess game at Dream99, you will be able to play the premium version of Up Chess, with an eye-catching interface that attracts players, a fixed layout that does not cause distractions, and a system page. Extremely high quality sound. You can choose to play on your phone, laptop or desktop.

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How to play Dream99 Up Chess?
To better understand Dream99 Support Flags. You need to know how to play as follows:

How to win against opponents
When you capture a champion on your opponent's board. That means you become a winner. So, learn this way now to defeat your opponents as quickly as possible!

How to play support chess at Dream99 bookmaker
At the beginning of the game, each side will receive 16 pieces (Red and Black). Players will arrange 16 flags in fixed positions. Then decide who will go first.

The first step. The side that goes first will choose a piece to go first. On the first move, the pieces must turn the opponent's direction according to its position. For example: If you want to move a chess piece next to a general, that is the soldier's position, your task is to move that chess piece in the correct way.
Second step. After making the first move, that piece will sit still to see what piece it really is. From that point on, you must move the piece according to its movement rules. For example: In the first move, you move the piece the way the Knight moves without tying up the flag. After the girl knows that it is actually an artillery army, from the moment the girl finishes waiting, you must move the troops according to the artillery army's regulations.
Special school
The following will be some exceptions in the process of converting pieces. The tool is displayed as follows:

The minion can move anywhere on the board without being banned, just following its diagonal rule.
Just like soldiers, statues can move into opponent's territory without restriction.
Some experience playing Dream99 Up Chess to easily win
To win on the board, we will give you tips from previous players. The tool is displayed as follows:

Unknown game
Unlike other games, just read the diagram to understand how to play. The game of Reverse Chinese Chess requires players to carefully learn how to play as well as the rules of each chess piece. Understanding how to play will help you play the game more simply without getting confused when encountering difficult situations.

Please observe the match carefully
Observation work is not simply a way of observing opponents. You have to pay attention to how you move and hopefully have a method in place, knowing which piece will move next so you can immediately stop their strategy.

Dream99 upside down chess is considered a highly intellectual game. Trying to remember how your opponent plays chess throughout the match will help you easily devise strategies and make accurate judgments.


Overall, Dream99 Support Flag not only collects simple message moments but also helps you train your ability to accurately judge problems. Hopefully the above information will help you bring value to yourself. Good luck playing the game and see you in the next article! Dream99 Upside Down Chess – The most popular thinking game